DGIST PhysChem

PhysChem welcomes all students with various backgrounds including basic and applied sciences and engineering.

Graduate programs in PhysChem can provide firm foundations for multidisciplinary future research to all the students with strong motivation for high quality research.
Lectures of various levels ranging from introductory to advanced topics are expected to prepare students at a customized starting point depending on their needs, leading to the successful completion of graduate degrees, MS’s and Ph.D.’s.
DGIST boasts the modern facilities equipped with high tech research equipments and comfortable living environments with beautiful Biseul Mountains nearby. PhysChem graduate program will take full usage of the institute wide equipments to maximize the research experiences of the graduate students.

In addition to the technical aspect of the graduate study, we also encourage all DGIST students to enhance their global communication skills and general cultural characteristics to grow as a respectful scholar in the future. All students are qualified for DGIST scholarships that cover tuitions and stipends, intern opportunities, and military service exemptions (Ph.D. programs).

We sincerely hope DGIST will serve as the leverage for all the graduates of PhysChem to rise and achieve their ambitions.