Cho, Chang-Hee (조창희)


Physics Materials Science


● Future Semiconducting Materials
● Next-generation Photonic Information Devices
● Light-Matter Interactions


Ph. D., GIST, Korea

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Pennsylvania






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Our Researches

Research fields in Future Semiconductor Nanophotonics Laboratory include ‘Future Semiconducting Materials’, ‘Next-generation Photonic Information Devices’, and ‘Light-Matter Interactions’. We explore new science and technologies in emerging semiconducting materials by tailoring the light-matter interactions. To this end, we pursue our studies to understand optical physics in such nanophotonic materials and to design future information devices.

Representative Publications

“Enhancing exciton diffusion in monolayer WS2 with h-BN bottom layer”
J. W. Kang, J. W. Jung, T. Lee, J. G. Kim, and C. H. Cho*
Physical Review B 100, 205304 (2019).

“Textile-fiber-embedded multiluminescent devices: A new approach to soft display systems”
S. Song, B. Song, C. H. Cho, S. K. Lim, and S. M. Jeong*
Materials Today, DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2019.08.004 (2019).

“CO2, water, and sunlight to hydrocarbon fuels: a sustained sunlight to fuel (Joule-to-Joule) photoconversion efficiency of 1%”
S. Sorcar, Y. Hwang, J. Lee, H. Kim, K. M. Grimes, C. A. Grimes, J. W. Jung, C. H. Cho, T. Majima, M. R. Hoffmannd and S. I. In*
Energy & Environmental Science 12, 2685-2696 (2019).

“Surface-diffusion-limited growth of atomically thin WS2 crystals from core-shell nuclei”
S. Jo#, J. W. Jung#, J. Baik, J. W. Kang, I. K. Park, T. S. Bae, H. S. Chung*, and C. H. Cho*
Nanoscale 11, 8706-8714 (2019).

“Room temperature polariton lasing in quantum heterostructure nanocavities”
J. W. Kang, B. Song, W. Liu, S. J. Park, R. Agarwal*, and C. H. Cho*
Science Advances 5, eaau9338 (2019).
+ Featured in a variety of science news outlets
(“Room-temperature polariton nano-laser” in Science Daily,, Nanowerk, etc.).

“Optical gain of inelastic exciton-exciton scattering in CdS nanowires”
J. Jang, G. Song, K. Kyhm*, and C. H. Cho
Applied Physics Letters 114, 081101 (2019).