Hong, Jung-Il (홍정일)


Physics Materials Science


● Electric and Magnetic Properties of Nanostructured Materials Spintronics


Ph. D., Northwestern University, USA

Georgia Tech Faculty
Researcher at CMRR, Univ. of Cal.-San Diego
RPI ABB Postdoctoral fellow






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Our Researches

Exchange bias between ferromagnet (FM) and antiferromagnet (AFM)

Electrons at the interface between FM and AFM

Coupling of Magnetic, Electrical, and Mechanical properties

Hard and soft magnetic properties of nanostructured particles

Representative Publications

M. S. Jung, T. H. Kim, M. Y. Im, J. I. Hong, “Overcoming the limits of exchange bias effect in the magnetic thin films by introducing nanostructured internal interfaces”, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 494, 165814 (2020).

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H. J. Kim, S. G. Je, D. H. Jung, K. S. Lee, J. I. Hong, “Field-free control of exchange bias by spin Hall currents”, Applied Physics Letters 115, 021101 (2019)

H. J. Kim, M. S. Jung, C. Y. You, J. I. Hong, “Controllable magnetic anisotropy of ferromagnet/antiferromagnet bilayers coupled with piezoelectric strain”, Acta Materialia 171, 170-175 (2019).

W. S. Jeong, M. J. Kim, J. H. Ha, N. A. B. Zulkifli, J. I. Hong, C. G. Kim, S. W. Lee, “Accurate, hysteresis-free temperature sensor for health monitoring using a magnetic sensor and pristine polymer”, RSC Advances 9, 7885-7889 (2019).

M. Y. Im, H. S. Han, M. S. Jung, Y. S. Yu. S. S. Lee, S. S. Yoon, W. Chao, P. Fisher, J. I. Hong, K. S. Lee, “Dynamics of the Bloch point in an asymmetric permalloy disk”, Nature Communications 10, 593 (2019).