Sung, Jooyoung (성주영)


Chemistry Physics Materials Science


● Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials
● Advanced Organic Materials
● Optoelectronic Properties
● Time/Space-resolved Spectroscopy


Ph. D., Yonsei University, Korea

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Oxford, UK (2016-2017)
Postdoctoral researcher at Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK (2017-2021)






Lab Website

Our Researches

Understanding photophyisical properties of various energy materials is the first step toward developing and utilizing novel energy materials. We develop and utilize the most advanced spectroscopy techniques to elucidate how charge carriers/excitons/ions behave in new energy materials such as organic semiconductors, perovskites, quantum dots etc. By achieving femtosecond time resolution and nanoscale spatial resolution, we successfully provide unprecedented optical and electronic properties of next generation energy materials.

Representative Publications

Zhilong Zhang, Jooyoung Sung*, Daniel Toolan, Sanyang Han, Raj Pandya, Michael Weir, James Xiao, Simon Dowland, Mengxia Liu, Anthony Ryan, Richard Jones, Shujuan Huang, Akshay Rao* “Ultrafast Exciton Transport at Early Times in Quantum Dot Solid” Nature Materials, (2022), (

Mengxia Liu, Sachin Dev Verma, Zhilong Zhang, Jooyoung Sung*, Akshay Rao*, “Non-Equilibrium Carrier Transport in Strongly Coupled Quantum Dot Solids and Heterostructures” Nano Letters, 21, (21), 8945-8951 (2021)

Jooyoung Sung, Christoph Schnedermann, Limeng Ni, Aditya Sadhanala, Richard YS Chen, Changsoon Cho, Lee Priest, Jong Min Lim, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Bartomeu Monserrat, Philipp Kukura, Akshay Rao, “Long-range ballistic propagation of carriers in methylammonium lead iodide perovskite thin films”, Nature Physics, 16, 2, 171-176 (2020)

Jooyoung Sung, Agnieszka Nowak-Król, Felix Schlosser, Benjamin Fimmel, Woojae Kim, Dongho Kim, Frank Würthner, “Direct observation of excimer-mediated intramolecular electron transfer in a cofacially-stacked perylene bisimide pair”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 29, 9029-9032 (2016)

Jooyoung Sung, Pyosang Kim, Benjamin Fimmel, Frank Würthner, Dongho Kim “Direct observation of ultrafast coherent exciton dynamics in helical π-stacks of self-assembled perylene bisimides”, Nature Communications, 6, 1, 1-7 (2015)