2020. 01. 02

Wearable-based smart fiber research

As the industrial structure is converging through the wave of the 4th industrial revolution, the textile industry is going beyond the previous textile engineering to be combined with the fields closely related to IT, BT, and NT, leading to creative collaboration and technology development. In this presentation, research contents on various smart and wearable technologies will be introduced. In particular, recent research trends including carbon nanotube (CNT) based fiber type artificial muscle/actuator, fiber type energy harvesters that can convert useless energy into electrical energy, and fabric type elastic energy storage functional supercapacitor/battery will be discussed.

▶ Date: Apr. 10(Tue.), 4:30 pm, 2018
▶ Venue: Room 115, E2 Building
▶ Subject: Wearable-based smart fiber research
▶ Speaker: Senior researcher Changsoon Choi (Smart Textile Convergence Research Group, DGIST)